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Тема: Phaeton

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    По умолчанию Phaeton

    Вышла новая игра Phaeton.

    Описание от создателей под спойлером(англ).

    Скрытый текст


    A game of skill and logic for Zx Spectrum


    Scientific discoveries and technological progress
    never made people more moral.
    In the 24th century humanity faced the same threats
    of crime and war as ever. They were just more
    serious as new technologies enabled more efficient
    mass destruction.

    A powerful terrorist organisation managed to create
    highly radioactive isotopes of heavy elements, never
    synthetized before. Turning them into weapons could
    mean only one thing: total annihilation. A nuclear
    blackmail became real.

    The isotopes were placed in abandoned spacebases,
    caves and old ruins, guarded by unmanned drone ships.
    All the radio contact to the area had been cut off,
    so any remotely controlled aircraft couln't intrude
    the terrorist hideout. On the other hand, any human
    that would enter the area, would almost instantly
    die due to high radioactivity levels.

    When all seemed lost, a secret counterplot was revealed.
    It involed a human pilot entering the death zone in an
    experimental aircraft and stealing the isotopes from
    terrorists. The aircraft name is PHAETON.

    The mythical Phaeton was son of Helios, god of Sun, who
    rode a fiery chariot in the skies. Just like Phaeton was
    born of Helios, your ship was born of studies of helium,
    the most stable element in the universe. Just like the atom
    of helium has two electrons, spinning aroung the nucleus,
    your ship has two satellites spinning around central unit.
    They create a protective field to separate the human pilot
    from deadly radioactivity.

    You have been selected for the mission of retrieving the
    isotopes. Good luck, you will need it.


    The game consists of 4 levels (2 levels on easy difficulty).
    At each level you need to collect 9 boxes with radioactive
    content. The boxes can be collected only by your ship, and not
    by satellites.

    There are also automatic gates, controlled by switches.
    To open a gate, you'll need to find the proper switch and
    touch it with your ship.

    Your satellites are sturdy and can stand some damage which
    happens when they crash into enemies or scenery. Their energy,
    shown in the game menu on the right will decrease then. When it
    reaches zero, you'll lose a life.

    Your ship is much more fragile. Any contact with scenery or enemy
    means instant death.

    When you lose a life, you'll begin from the start of current level,
    but all the boxes you collected and all the gates you opened will
    be remembered, so you won't need to deal with them again.

    Navigating through the maze isn't an easy job. There are many narrow
    passages which require skillful maneuvering. You will need to adjust
    your movement to the position and rotation of your satellites.

    You can change the direction of satellites rotation with FIRE key.
    You will often need it to go through some obstacles. But remember
    that the number of such changes is limited and shown in the menu.
    You will get one extra change for each box collected. When you made
    a direction change, some shot time must pass, before you will be
    able to make another change.

    On easy difficulty level you have unlimited number of changes.


    - Entering a new screen with a proper satelites position is often a
    key to success, especially in case of screens with propellers. You
    may need to go out of the screen, adjust your position and go back.

    - There are many ways to go around the obstacles. Make your decisions
    wisely. You may need to choose between getting some damage on
    satellites or using up a rotation change.

    - If you find it too hard, use pokes and have fun


    - keyboard Q A O P Space
    - Kempston joystick
    - Sinclair joystick


    Idea, coding and graphics: Rafał Miazga
    Music: Mister Beep
    Music engine: Shiru

    Ссылки на скачивание.

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    если кто подскажет, есть ли подобный гемплей на ПЦ, буду благодарен. по моему нет.

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    A little notice:

    What would be a release without a bug

    I have just discovered that the game is completely desynchronised with interrupts on Pentagon model. Going too fast, sprites dissapearing etc. My apology goes to our Russian friends.

    While I'll look into the case and check the game on different configurations, please play it at Spectrum 48. That's the model of my development and playtesting, so everything should be correct here.

    Игра плохо работает на пентагоне. отпишитесь в этой теме, у кого как на реале.
    Последний раз редактировалось osa; 24.12.2010 в 16:13.

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    ace210 (24.12.2010), Lethargeek (24.12.2010), Rindex (24.12.2010)

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    С любовью к вам, Yandex.Direct
    Размещение рекламы на форуме способствует его дальнейшему развитию

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    По умолчанию

    Цитата Сообщение от osa Посмотреть сообщение
    Игра плохо работает на пентагоне. отпишитесь в этой теме, у кого как на реале.
    Даже без реала глюки. Включи Спекулятор в режиме Пентагон-128 и сам всё увидишь. Там наверху есть комнаты, где аппарат вообще пропадает. Например вот:

    Так что fix-версия для Пентагона обязательно нужна.
    Последний раз редактировалось Rindex; 24.12.2010 в 18:20.
    Может, мы обидели кого-то зря,
    Сбросив пару лишних мегатонн,
    И горит зелёным пламенем земля,
    Там, где был когда-то Пентагон!..

    Profi-576 v3.2/AY-3-8912A GI/FDD-5.25'

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    По умолчанию

    Цитата Сообщение от osa Посмотреть сообщение
    если кто подскажет, есть ли подобный гемплей на ПЦ, буду благодарен. по моему нет.
    на консолях есть http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78eHx...layer_embedded

  6. Этот пользователь поблагодарил Vinnny за это полезное сообщение:
    osa (24.12.2010)

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    По умолчанию

    This is only version for testing. Wait cycle removed (first LD BC = 1) and game run 2x faster than original version. Synchronisation on ZX128 is bad, but on Pentagon is better (only better, not fixed)


    In game code is only modify value of wait cycle at adress: 27849 (original - 27849=114 and 27850=6). You can modify it from basic loader after load game code (before start).
    Последний раз редактировалось VELESOFT; 26.12.2010 в 02:46.

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