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    По умолчанию XZX-pro

    Кто нибудь юзал сей эмулятор?
    XZX-Pro is a portable emulator of ZX Spectrum 48K/128K/+3 (8-bit home computers made by Sir Clive Sinclair) and Spectrum clones, for machines running UNIX and the X Window system. XZX-Pro is completely written in C. It initially was based on XZX 1.0.2 by Des Herriott, but has been completely rewritten since then.

    * ZX Spectrum 48K, 128K, +2 and +3, Pentagon and Scorpion, Didaktik
    * Interface I with up to 8 microdrives,
    * Multiface 1, Multiface 128 and Multiface 3
    * Beta 128 interface by Technology Research Ltd with 4 disk drives,
    * +D interface by Miles Gordon Technology with 2 disk drives,
    * D80 disk interface with 2 disk drives,
    * ZX Printer,
    * Kempston mouse,
    * Sinclair, Cursor and Kempston joysticks,
    * Fuller Audio Box and
    * built-in machine code monitor.

    Loads from:

    * snapshots in .SNA, .Z80, .SLT or .DAT format,
    * tape images in .TAP, .TZX, or .VOC format,
    * microdrive cartridge images in .MDR format,
    * disk images in .DSK, .TRD, .FDI, .SCL, HOBETA, .MGT, .IMG or .D80 format,
    * screen dumps in .SCR format and
    * poke instructions in .POK or .TZX format.

    Saves to:

    * snapshots in .SNA, .Z80 or .SLT format,
    * tape images in .TAP, .TZX, or .VOC format,
    * microdrive cartridge images in .MDR format,
    * disk images in .DSK, .TRD, .MGT, .IMG or .D80 format,
    * screen dumps in .SCR or .XPM format and
    * audio fles in .PSG or .WAV format.

    Additional features:

    * Emulates Spectrum's speaker and AY-3-8912 chip on workstations with audio hardware.
    * Supports colour (8,15,16,24,32bpp) and monochrome displays, where contrasting colours are displayed with the darker colour in black and the lighter colour in white, which works reasonably well.
    * Supports full screen mode on X servers with the XF86VidMode extension.
    * Built-in VNC server for multiplayer games.
    * Supports analogue joystick on PCs with a joystick device.
    * Redirects Spectrum's printer output to a file or command (pipe).
    * Connects Interface I's RS232 to the workstation's serial device.

    XZX-Pro is known to work on the following machines/operating systems:
    Platform Operating System
    Sparc Solaris, SunOS 4.x, Linux, NetBSD
    Intel SVR4, SCO, SINIX, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris
    Mips SVR4, DEC Ultrix, SGI Irix, SINIX, Linux, NetBSD
    IBM RS6000 AIX 3.2.x
    Hewlett Packard HP-UX
    DEC Alpha OSF/1, Linux
    Motorola 68K Bull B.O.S., Linux
    PowerPC Linux, AIX 4.1.x, Darwin, Mac OS X

    More information about XZX-Pro including FAQ, porting information, command line options, keys bindings, and other useful stuff, can be found in the XZX-Pro documentation. I'm sorry for being unable to maintain an HTMLized version.

    If you would like to extend XZX-Pro, port it to a new system, write new drivers, add features, etc., please contact me by email or some other means.

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    По умолчанию

    30 бакинских стоит! под винду версии нет!

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