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Тема: C64 Game - [MOD] Ghosts'n Goblins

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    По умолчанию C64 Game - [MOD] Ghosts'n Goblins

    Ещё одна глобальная переработка от Nostalgia - Ghosts'n Goblins. Список изменений впечатляет.

    Скрытый текст

    - Two completely new levels added.Level 6 has an additional final room.
    - Existing 4 levels are expanded to be twice the size of the original.
    - All levels have completely new graphics and level designs applied.
    - All levels have unique new tunes added which were newly composed.
    - New Sound Effects added or changed.
    - New sprite multiplexer coded, which will minimize glitches.
    - Intro sequence added where Satan abducts the Princess.
    - Game Map added, which shows your progress when you are killed or you reach incoming level.
    - Game Complete animation added.
    - Game Over sequence added.
    - Two new Bosses added for levels 5 and 6. They are bigger than any existing enemies in the original game.
    - Added a new Jumping Skeleton enemy in levels 5 and 6.
    - Moving Clouds recoded so they can be used on level 5.
    - Arthur now can turn around when he jumps and he can shoot backwards.
    - Added an improved Title/Loading screen with new tune.
    - Weapons are now improved and all of them now actually make sense.
    - Enemies have improved AI - not perfect but much better than original.
    - Levels 1-4 are done in 2 parts now, but transition between them is fully seamless.
    - Flying Knights at level 2 can only be shot from behind as in Arcade.
    - Zombies first dig out some dirt so you can spot them before they kill you.
    - Collision detection is drastically improved - you won't get killed when a bullet flies over your head anymore.
    - Dragon Boss covers more of the screen area now and you need to shoot his head three times, and he won't shoot so many bullets anymore.
    - House Ogres are easier to kill now.
    - 'Sparkles' are now visible when you hit an enemy.
    - Weapons that are dropped depend on the level you are playing, so you cannot get the shield in the beginning.
    - Pause Game and Quit Game added, which can be activated by Run/Stop key.
    - Arthur can jump over obstacles now even if he touches them. In the original he only jumped up.
    - Time limit is now different for each level.
    - 7 Trainers added for your pleasure.

    Может, мы обидели кого-то зря,
    Сбросив пару лишних мегатонн,
    И горит зелёным пламенем земля,
    Там, где был когда-то Пентагон!..

    Profi-576 v3.2/AY-3-8912A GI/FDD-5.25'

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