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Тема: BitFellas.org !

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    Vadik Akimoff (2:5020/835.1)

    По умолчанию BitFellas.org !

    FromNet: NET_Moscow_Russia_(245_02/09/2005) (commserv.rpb.ru)


    Открылся новый мультиплатформенный сценерский портал - BitFellas.org
    8битки и, в частности, спек - не обойдены вниманием. Просьба поддержать
    спектрумовское направление! Подробности ниже.


    / / ________ ____ ____
    / _/____/___/ /___________________/ / / / ________________
    _/ / __ _/ _/ ___/__ _/ __ _/ /---_/ /---_/ _/ _____/
    \ \ \ / ____\ ______\ / \ / \ - \____ /
    /_________/___/_________/ ___/________/________/________/___/ /_______/
    / / / /____/ / / / / /___/ /
    /_________/___/_______/ /_/________/________/________/___/ /_______/
    /____/ /___/

    www.BitFellas.org | IRCnet #BitFellas pw: neworder |

    "Coming in under the radar of ordinary society. An unholy alliance of the

    tech world, and the world of organized dissent.", Billy Idol

    Who are the BitFellas?

    We're a bunch of folks who enjoy technology because it's fun, entertaining
    and allows us to create all sorts of neat things.

    Sometimes those things have uses.

    Sometimes they don't.

    We're the folks who saw magic in the machines. We each have our favorites,

    and that says something about who we are - but we also have come to
    appreciate other's favorites too. We don't care what the platform is, as
    long as someone's enjoying using it.

    We're the folks who kept the first machine we got, and still use it.
    We're the guys who get offered an old computer in someone's loft and are
    genuinely excited about the possibilities that still exist in that "old,
    useless" stuff.

    We're the folks who look at the new technology and say "hey, cool, can
    it do this?" and when it says no, we teach it how.

    We're folks who like making noise. Sometimes we make noise with colors. We

    like sharing noise. We make friends by sharing noise. We make friends by
    turning off the noise and showing off the silence.

    Who are the BitFellas?
    ....We're the toys that you forgot under the bed, who keep the monsters


    Welcome to the BitFellas universe. The site is primarily for the
    demoscene. One of our main goals is to preserve the 'scene' past of all
    platforms, too.

    The BitFellas are providing the demoscene with a community portal and
    database for almost all platforms, combined with a nice steadily moderated
    forum to exchange the latest gossip and information. We don't intend to
    compete with other resources. We prefer to provide additional content and

    BF has been developed by a dedicated team of demoscene enthusiasts to
    an outstanding experience. Most of us have been involved in scene related
    operations and activities for very long time.

    Some of our members released their first scene productions as early as
    They became fascinated from the technology before the term "demoscene"
    existed back in a time when green and amber glows of text-based computer
    terminals lighted rooms. Remember the days when you where obsessed with
    Pac-Man or Space Invaders? :)

    So why do i want to join in with BitFellas?

    It's pretty obvious, because it's fun!

    We will be covering the following scene related topics:
    Demos, Scene events, Multimedia, Graphics, Music and Mags.


    Acorn, All Console Platforms, Amiga, Apple, Archemedes, Atari, C116, C16,
    C64, CPC, Mac, MSX, Oric, PC, Plus4, Ti, VIC20, ZX Speccy and any other
    wacky machine that takes our fancy!

    If your favourite platform has not been listed yet and we find enough
    interested people we will happily open a sub for you guys!

    Site creation is fully under way. It will steadily progress allowing us to
    create special sections for your needs. Discuss >any< ideas you have for
    improvement -we really love ideas!- at our BitFellas Talk / Feedback area.

    We are a growing community here at BitFellas and in time a more diverse
    array of platforms will be catered for will enrich our forums and users
    minds :) Good things often don't "just happen" but must be worked at to
    reach the desired goal.

    We are sharing this vision with all our scene spirited friends.

    BitFellas... Remix the scene!

    - The BitStaff


    Please reg yourself at http://www.bitfellas.org and read the welcome
    first on the Main Menu/Info and enjoy!

    Another visitor. Stay awhile. Staaaaaaaaaay

    ::::::::::::::::::::::::: The party's in full swing.



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    С любовью к вам, Yandex.Direct
    Размещение рекламы на форуме способствует его дальнейшему развитию

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