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Тема: Retroeuskal '07

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    По умолчанию Retroeuskal '07

    RetroEuskal is an annual event for enthusiasts and interested people about Retrocomputing that is held within Euskal Encounter mega-party.
    A celebration about computing and videogames of the 80's and before.


    This year we'll take special attention to Speccy for its 25th anniversary. In next days we'll announce all the activities you can enjoy at Bilbao(Spain) on July 20-23th.

    This year we celebrate our first 8 bits compo. If you want to participate:

    8bits compo Rules.

    1. GENERAL.

    Add a file .TxT with name of the production authors and any info that you think it is important, as addy, E-mail etc. You can submit your entry via E-mail if you win something we’ll send that to you . All productions will be spread after the party as Shareware.
    Do not forget also to include any important info to run your Demo. .

    All that to Email: almightygod@retroeuskal.org

    2. DEMO COMPO.

    - Demo should be runable and first presented at euskal Encounter party. Any 8bits platform is welcome.

    - The best if you send a .DSK, .D64, .TAP etc. Etc. Style file depending for which platform is your entry for. Make it run in an emulator is desirable.

    - Demo size should be Under 8 minutes including decrunching time etc.

    - We must receive at least three productions to show then all.

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    С любовью к вам, Yandex.Direct
    Размещение рекламы на форуме способствует его дальнейшему развитию

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    По умолчанию

    млин - на raww.org 17 апреля еще новость была!!! стыдно, люди! читайте сценовые сайты! все равно один Х - тут тоже пока только на инглише =)

    а фанаты могли почитать все и раньше на испанском =)

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