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Тема: Компьютер "Robotron 1715(M)"

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    По умолчанию Компьютер "Robotron 1715(M)"

    Вроде ГДР , а это соцлагерь значит ближе к отечественным как и ПРАВЕЦ кстати. А вообще компы этого производителя были в СССР сильно распространены, насколько я знаю на них всё МПС сидело. Пишем кто чего знает.


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    Veteran Аватар для ZEman
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    По умолчанию

    а эмуляторы такого компа есть ?

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    По умолчанию

    I have start working on that one, but problem is in floppy controler, since it is implemented using 2 x Z80 PIO and some "not dumped" PROMs.
    Thing is that 8275 is used, but no DMA chip is used.
    And looks like floppy code is first executed since 8275 is not initialised on begining.
    Need to disassemble full code for it to see how it is all working. Will send my findings.

    Добавлено через 5 часов 58 минут
    Here are some IP map addresses:

    PIOCS0 000000 00
    PIOCS1 000100 04
    CTCCS0 001000 08
    SIOCS0 001100 0c
    CTCCS0 010000 10
    SIOCS1 010100 14
    CRTCS 011000 18
    NotConn 011100 1c

    KRFD 100000 20
    MEMCS0 100100 24
    MEMCS1 101000 28
    LT107CS 101100 2c
    ??? 110000 30
    BWSCS 110100 34
    NotConn 111000 38
    ZRES 111100 3c




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    Veteran Аватар для ZEman
    Благодарностей: 248

    По умолчанию

    micko, нет уж спасибо, я лучше подожду выхода какогонибудь другого эмулятора, например от b2m, чем буду пользоваться вашим г.....

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    По умолчанию

    micko, Are you sure it's a Robotron 17xx ? AFAIK, only Robotron 19xx used Z80 PIO as a floppy controller.

    Robotron 19xx was a i8086 machine (not XT conpatible), while Robotron 1715 and 1715W were a Z80 CP/M (SCP) machines. Robotron 1715 used conventional uPD765 floppy controller.


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    По умолчанию

    AlecV: this is what I saw on schematics on page (http://www.xepb.ru/robotron/docs.html). Thing is that 1715W did have a controler so it should be easier to implement. Eproms for both versions could be found at : http://www.sax.de/~zander/pc1715/pc_bin.html

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    По умолчанию

    micko, Ah, yes. 1715 and 1715W (also known as 1715M) were two different machines. I personally saw a uPD765 (i8272A) in the 1715W. AFAIK, the floppies from the 1715 are readable but not bootable under 1715W. Also 1715W had a 256K RAM with CP/M 3.0-compatible BIOS mapper. The software from the SCP2 (1715 CP/M 2.x clone) is compatible with 1715W SCP3.

    Did you consider to implement a 1715W with MESS framework ? MESS has a good library of the emulated chips and devices, including i8272A, Z80 CPU and Z80 I/O chips.

    http://www.mess.org (there are wiki and forum)

    JFYI: The 1715W 5" floppies are readable/writeable under Linux with fdutils/cpmtools. I sucessfully transferred alot of CP/M software to the 1715W floppies. Unfortunately, CP/M games do not work, since 1715's ESC sequences are ugly (VT52?? ADM-1 ???).

    http://www.phantom.sannata.ru/forum/index.php?t=3000 (Russian)

    http://www.schorn.ch/cpm/intro.php (a HUGE collection of the CP/M software)

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    По умолчанию

    AlecV: Well I am working in MESS team as member, mostly on East Europe machines, will give my best to make 1715W work, think that it would be much easier then 1715 since of floppy controler is already implemented in MESS. Other thing is that there is no video output before it boots from floppy. BTW I have implemented 8275 in MESS, but need to make it better, but things like Radio 86RK, Mikrosha and Partner works fine.
    If there are some other floppy images (bootable) in plain form (img) it would be fine, I have found just one like that, most are in some other formats (mostly ready to be written on real floppy as td0)

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    По умолчанию

    micko, AFAIK, the char-generator on the 1715/1715w is downloadable. It seems, the i8275 is not enough, you have to implement this part too. Another issue is a banked memory on the 1715W. All known SCP3 uses banked RAM as an E: RAM drive.

    I have 3 different bootable 1715W SCP3 diskettes (and some hand-made non-bootable diskettes with CP/M software). All SCP3's sub-versions are different, but I haven't "full" SCP3 distributive.


    It's a sector-by-sector image of the bootable SCP3 (2*80*5*1024).

    AFAIK, Track=0 contains a second-stage bootloader which initializes hardware and loads rest of SCP3 into (banked?) memory.

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