Просмотр полной версии : Import TRD file to RAMDISC from TAPe

06.03.2010, 16:35
I create new convertor of SCL/TRD files to one TAP file specially designed for import trd disc data to 1MB memory with ramdisc (max.TRD file size is 896kB).

TAP file contain basic loader. Thil loader create ramdisc in 1MB Pentagon memory and import TRD image from CODE blocks in TAP. After complette import run DOS via USR 15616.

(TRD file before conversion is divided to BIN blocks with length 16384 bytes and save as CODE 49152,16384 to TAP file. After last CODE file is saved block CODE 49151,1 with byte for detect end of importing. This enable import also shorter or longer TRD files than 640kB.)

This is converted TRD files for use on real Pentagon1024 or ZX emulators in Pent1024 mode: