Просмотр полной версии : Service rom + 128 basic rom

19.01.2013, 17:21
I have one idea:

Some ZX clones support service rom(start after reset/power on) and this 16kB rom can be used for GLUK,WDC,FATALL,COMMANDERS, etc...
Rom 16kB with 128 editor are often also replaced with WDC,FATALL,COMMANDERS,etc...

128 editor is shit and very big part of software work only with 48rom(usr0 mode). :v2_wink2:

And my idea ? Here: use both 16kB rom's (=full 32kB free space) for custom software. For example can be here full versions of WDC or any other software with size 32kB. After reset jump CPU to SERVICE rom and here can new code LDIR first 16kB to ZX ram. Must copy to zx ram also small routine for set 128rom and ldir next 16kB to zx ram, set 48 rom + jump to 32kB code in zx ram. This code can be 32kB data block with compression. Can anyone make PC utility for make 64kB rom images ? Here we can select 48rom, tr-dos rom, BIN image with maximal size 32kB and set ZX ram adress for LDIR + starting adress. Utility make usable 64kB rom image(or export 4x16kB rom) for use in UNREAL SPECCY, other emulators or ZX clones with SERVICE rom support. With this way we don't need make special ROM (16kB) limited versions of software. :v2_wink2:

24.03.2013, 03:48
Hi. With modern ROM chips I see no problem in keeping the 128 basic and adding paged ROM of arbitrary size (1Mb and more) for whatever custom software you may imagine. Removing the 128 basic may break some programs that use its undocumented features.