Просмотр полной версии : New User and light request

16.03.2016, 01:53
Hi All,

i'm Luca from Italy, i'm Speccy user, and a new user of this forum.

I writing into e-fanzine (sorry writing only italian language) :-(, and i writing into italian zxspectrumfreelist (EMG author realspectrum, Mario Prato for Divmmc, Dorigati for Z88sdk, A. Grussu and G. Amore).

Well i received a Zx Evolution, installa zxevoservice and TS with wild commander, and i thinks to install Hdd ide with cd-rom, but i dont have informations some to install or management about Is-dos or Tasi-dos.

If you have any informations i'm here.

Thanks in advanced



Alex Rider
24.03.2016, 00:03
lukezab, you could try to contact Max (http://zx-pk.ru/member.php?u=20). He is the author of TASiS and he have a lot of information about Is-Dos and TASiS.