Просмотр полной версии : Egghead 4 available to download

22.04.2006, 16:00
Hi guys,

The latest chapter in the Egghead series is now available for the 48K/128K Spectrum. This time Egghead is entertaining a guest and it's up to you to find the ingredients so he can do the cooking.

You'll find the game here: http://jonathan6.fortunecity.com/egghead/

Feel free to spread the news on any non-English speaking retro gaming forums.

Have fun!


25.04.2006, 01:33
Hi there!
Egghead? What egghead? You mean "yolkfolk"? Guy like that: " :) "

Your message. Russian version:

25.04.2006, 01:34
Thank you for keep us informed. I thought, that you had told about "Dizzy" game... Sorry, it is my mistake.
I saw "Area 51" some month ago. Nice game...