Просмотр полной версии : PeterPlus Sprinter - BIOS 3.04 & TITD

23.03.2020, 22:41
Hi guys,
I just recently had to update my sprinter to BIOS 3.04 due to upgrading the VRAM to AS7C1024B-12 SRAMs.
Previously I had run BIOS 3.03.251 due to it being the version with a legit signature for the copy of the game "thunder in the deep". With the new SRAMs I get massive junk pixels with BIOS 3.03, previously I had IDT71024 SRAMs which worked "ok" (ZX software usually worked fine, I occasionally got junk pixels in FN and high amounts in the DOOM demo or TITD). Since upgrading to 3.04 and the AS7C1024B-12 SRAMs everything seems to work fine, but I can't play TITD anymore due to a different BIOS ID.

Is there a hacked version of the 3.04 BIOS around that works with the TITD version spread by velesoft or a version of the game without the copy protection?

- - - Updated - - -

Nevermind ... using sp304.bin from https://www.dropbox.com/s/9vqb7v5ww3sdor5/sp_flasher.zip?dl=0 TITD now works as well.
I'm still occasionally getting glitches with attributes in ZX mode and TITD actually now seems worse than before. Hmpf.

23.03.2020, 23:51
Sorry for my offtop. Unfortunately, I do not have information to help you. But since the Berliner is here, I’ll try to ask you. Do you know if it is possible to buy online U808D chip ( made in DDR)? Nobody offers them in eBay.But perhaps in Germany there is a site for offers of microelectronics of the times DDR?

24.03.2020, 04:12
Shockwav3, you must read this about TITD: https://zx-pk.ru/threads/12686-sprinter-nuzhna-pomoshch.html?p=1044569&viewfull=1#post1044569
shortly - TITD cracked and no need BIOS ID. download and play.
about VRAM - if you want to use Sprinter without artefacts, you must use Winbond (W24010AJ-35) instead Alliance SRAM chips.

24.03.2020, 16:22
Thanks for linking the cracked version of TITD ... this help a lot :)
W24010AJ-35 seem to be basically unobtainable :/
I just ordered some AS7C1024-12 without the A/B which was hotfixed in BIOS 3.03 ... let's hope those work better.

24.03.2020, 17:04
Shockwav3, the problem with artifacts is in "12" in chips id. need 25 - 35ns. less work unstable.

24.03.2020, 22:17
So the problem is solely the timing and not possibly due to different adressing schemes of the clock cycles?
Would this mean IS62C1024AL-35QL would be suitable? If that's the case I can easily get those at a fair price.

30.03.2020, 18:09
Short followup: AS7C1024-12 with BIOS 3.03 works acceptable, little glitches with everything (occasional junk pixels, TITD intro screens quite broken), but TITD is quite playable. With AS7C1024B-12 + BIOS 3.04 TITD had severe glitches ingame and spectrum demos often had broken attributes.
I'll see if I can obtain some W24010AJ-35 and report back then.

27.04.2020, 13:21
Just got my W24010AJ-35, downgraded the BIOS to 3.00, still get occasional stray pixels. TITD works mostly error free tho.
ZX mode often has junk pixels. Oh well, I guess the Sprinter 2002S with SOJ VRAMs never worked too great either.