Просмотр полной версии : blibb blobb #18

08.09.2006, 08:43
Blibb Blobb Episode 018

chiptunes programmed on ZX Spectrum Computers!
a special guest episode recorded from ZX Spectrum Computers!
selected by C-jeff & recorded by Newart.

special thanks to:
- C-jeff & Newart for their tribute episode,
- daXX & naDine for the introduction jingle,
- dalezy for the interlude jingle,
- Wal for the amazing Blibb Blobb logo(s), and
- all the great ZX Spectrum Composers for the nice songs!

feedback is always welcome! write to podcast@scoopex.org

the playlist of this special guest episode:

Andy Fer - Little Story
C-jeff & n1k-o - bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
D-juice - love.you
Fatal Snipe - Rizdhec Mne?
Ironman - Gist
Key-jee - No Pay No More
Megus - Summer Mood
Miguel - The Future Has Already Happened
Mmcm - Assured
n1k-o - Back To The Roots (remix)
Riskej - Der Kleinen Jazz
Siril - Tsss

Blibb_Blobb_Episode_018.mp3 (

08.09.2006, 18:38
Эх, как же долго я ждал этот выпуск :wink:

09.09.2006, 05:58
а чо, плейлист по алфавиту? это фишка такая?