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28.09.2006, 10:24
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TommyGun is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating games and other software for old 8 bit computers. It is a modular and open ended application that can support any type of computer. Although realistically speaking I'm limiting the application to 8 and 16 bit computers. It allows the user to create games for their prized vintage or retro machines.

Summary of Features

* Easy to use and easy to learn
* Use any assembler for your target machine
* Use any emulator you like (works best with one that except command line arguments)
* One click build - Will build and then launch your emulator if the build is successful
* Fully featured Code editor
* Full set of drawing editors (sprites, tiles, fonts, screens and user defined graphics - UDG's)
* Complete Map editor
* Full Undo/Redo system for all operations including drawing and editing. Lots of options and completely configurable
* Image editors and Code editor has full cut/copy/paste functionality
* Code editor supports bookmarks
* Code editor has full search and replace abilities
* No need for special tools to convert bitmaps in code - all handled by the application
* Show image animations in the main editor
* Images support masking
* Image editor supports auto zoom to window size
* Plug-in based application that is easily extensible. Only loads plug-ins that require for each machine
* Support for assemblers and/or C compilers
* Code editor supports a wide range of data parsers/code generators. (soon to have its own scripting language)
* Automatic Project Backup system. Each to use Project Restore feature
* Code editor has build tool profiles so you can easily switch between specific assemblers or emulators
* Can import a range of images to be transferred into any image type
* Comes with demo projects to see how things work
* Also comes with 2 tutorials to get you started (more on the way)

Official Site http://www.users.on.net/~tonyt73/TommyGun/

03.10.2006, 01:21
It might be interesting for community. Have you posted this info in Russian language in this forum already?

03.10.2006, 17:03
Transferred from "Programming" part, originally posted by 736b

736b - it's a nick :)

05.10.2006, 02:54
Ugh... Sorry. My mistake.