Просмотр полной версии : BYTE Spectrum clone

24.12.2006, 20:56
Hello all !

I have a russian spectrum clone named BYTE. Unfortunatelly i got it without power brick, cables or manuals.


It has 4 DIN5 (audio & AT keyboard - style) connectors on the back.
Does anyone have any info on the pinouts of those DIN5 connectors or any documentation for this machine ?

Thank you very much.

24.12.2006, 21:27
Look your personal messages - i write and draw you about the power connector. Any other questions you can ask by icq or e-mail

20.03.2007, 17:19

[ro]psergiu, here is a circuit (.pdf file). It is identical with circuit of your PC (but without SECAM & TV modulator units).