Просмотр полной версии : New Spectrum game - Egghead 5

01.12.2007, 16:47
To celebrate Egghead's 18th birthday, a brand new game, Egghead Round the Med, is now available to download. Due to its size, the game only works on Spectrums with 128K of RAM.

This time Egghead travels around the Mediterranean on his yacht, trying to find his lost friends. Find them all and bring them back to the yacht. As they're all nursing hangovers you'll need to find some aspirin tablets and something to take them with as well.

The game provides players with a choice - to play the game as an arcade adventure with puzzles, or as a simple collect-em-up. Either way, with 140 locations there should be enough to keep most gamers occupied for a while.

Have fun. :smile:


01.12.2007, 20:31
UnlimitedLives :v2_tong2:

02.12.2007, 12:40
thanks, jonathan :v2_cool: