Просмотр полной версии : Clones and periprelas page

09.01.2008, 11:28
Такое вот письмо пришло:
Hello Dear Speccy Friend,

After six months of hard work, we are finisheed to update my ZX Spectrum
clones and periprelas page with my sister.
Now it is the most comprehensive hardware-related page in English. Very
much new prototypes, clones and periperals included in the page, as well
valuable links also.
Above the new hardware things, the informations of old ones are updated.
So it contains really heavy informations about the Russian clones
(Pentagon, ATM-Turbo, KAY 1024 etc.). I tried to include all subversions,
as well their forthcoming prototypes. So really worth to check.

The article is available from here:

I also would like to ask you, if you have possibility, please send this
news to your forums, emailing-lists, to your friends, etc. with the usual
remarks, that the author (me) is waiting the reader's feedback. My e-mail
is at the bottom of the page. I am waiting anyone's comment.

Have a nice read!

Richard (Hungary)