Просмотр полной версии : please help

28.12.2008, 05:46
Message from roger:

please help
how long before software like creative sparks delta wing is emulatable using two emulators at the same time and the interface one emulation to recreate the link between the two machines
has anyone managed to convert software like 3d stuff
couldnt it use the second processor of a networked machine rather like the bbc model b used to use a 6502 co processor or a z80 processor
even the timex 2068 had a second processor available in the fdd 3000 disc interface - although i dont think there was anysoftware available for it

does the pentagon allow a second processor?
what about other russki s[eccy clones? zs scorpion or hobbit or any of the many others?
no one has written a simple converter - with say a list of popular titles - possibly mostly 3d titles flight syms etc
could we then modify the main code for a variety of hardware:
any external ram -
+D disc interface 8KB ram
multiface 8KB ram
MB-02+ 64KB ram & DMA (Direct memeory access[does the pentagon support this interface? what a shame it doesnt feature a second processor like the fdd 3000 - for the amount of money it should do!?499 it is a little bit expensive no? make s a 48 compatible with a 128k - oh so it has an ay8912 soundchiop on board? if so then when used witha 128 does it make it sam coupe audio compatible? doubt it!
divide alos has 32kb of ram
i believe this ram is all paged into normally rom space doesnt that make it faster as it is not contested? how much benefit would putting the main game code loop in this area? what if any rom routines were modified to run the dma features or a second processor?
anyone managed to interlace graphics on the speccy ?
sam coupe can just about manage it...
all the best in speccy land
has anyone seen the daft girls aloud video on you tube?

dunno how he digitsed it but if you use windows media player classic insside the options menu you can choose the screen resolution
try setting it to 320x 200 - i know this is commodore 64 and amstrad but you get a better idea of the qwuality
there is also a 512x384 video playback mode
if any one has a pc with a tv output on the vga card - you only need to play the video full screen and then feed the tgv output from the vga card inot somehting like a tv tuner pci card in another pc (i was trying to do it in the same pc! hello microsoft blu screen!) or even a vga card with video input msi make a few of these thouugh the bunbdled software doesnt allow you to use fuill screen while you are recording which is a pity as you would be able to play a pc game and record the video - also having some difficulty getting the full screen option on many emulators - simcoupe fuse real spectrum and zx spin to work
has anyone managed to recreate DOT crawl!
i know it sounds craxy but if you have the time there was a lovely 3d magic eye stereogram on the sam coupe available from fred magazine
it worked a treat i will try to chase it down and send you the links also the interlaced piccies
all the best
its freeezing here! ice and frost happy christmas even to the communists!