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Тема: Testers for new z88dk C library

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    По умолчанию Testers for new z88dk C library

    I know there are a few people here interested in C compilers for the spectrum so I thought I would ask if anyone is interested in helping test the new c library in z88dk.

    The library contains about 400 functions and 25,000 lines of asm code with hardly any of it tested. There's a lot of room for errors in there and we are hoping a few casual users might be able to help discover the worst bugs.

    There is very little documentation available so ideally you are already familiar with C so that you can write your own programs without documentation. This C library is aiming for a C11 subset so most things you can do in standard C you should be able to do with this library.

    Here is a short zip of test programs to get an idea:


    and a thread containing some information at z88dk.org:


    We don't have a lot of the non-standard libraries migrated to the new c library yet. We do have sp1 (there is one simple test program in that zip above) and a 1-bit sound library among other things. We have not integrated float math yet nor have we put in a disk stack.

    Thanks to anyone who can find time to try things out a little bit. I realize it's not the sexiest thing in the world to write test programs and that's why I am hoping one or two people might be snagged by a post on zx.pk.ru

    To use the new clib you must get a copy of the nightly build from http://nightly.z88dk.org/ Get one built on or after December 27 to avoid a malloc bug.

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