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Тема: Spectrum Vega games console

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    London, UK
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    По умолчанию Spectrum Vega games console

    Greetings from London.

    My name is David Levy and I am the Chairman of Retro Computers Ltd, a UK company ( www.retro-computers.co.uk ) which is about to launch the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega games console, which contains 1,000 Spectrum games, mostly from the 1980s.

    We would like to make contact with and support the Russian Speccy community in some way. For example, we would be happy to have a page on our web site devoted to the Russian community, where news can appear in English and in Russian, and we would like to hear from anyone in your community who would like to be the webmaster of that page.

    Also, we would be interested to hear from anyone in your community who developed games for the Speccy and who would like those games to be considered for inclusion in the Vega when it is launched - we pay a very modest royalty for each game. (We will make our final choice of the 1,000 games on June 20th so if you are interested in this offer please contact us soon.)

    And if there is any other way we can help your community, please write to me direct at: david@retro-computers.co.uk

    I am sorry that I do not understand Russian.

    Kind regards,



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    С любовью к вам, Yandex.Direct
    Размещение рекламы на форуме способствует его дальнейшему развитию

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