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    Syracuse, NY, USA
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    По умолчанию Introduction

    Hello Everyone, I am a new member to the forums and I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Andy Dansby from the USA. I am a fan of the ZX Spectrum and have been for many years. I started out with a Timex / Sinclair 2068 in 1984. Pretty soon afterwards, Timex decided to stop making computers and software was not widely available in the USA. So, I changed out the ROM to a Spectrum ROM to play the ZX Spectrum games that I had buy mail-order. Eventually, I went on to the Atari ST and then to PC's, but I always had a soft spot for my first Sinclair computer.

    I did start using emulators when they were available for DOS machines, I bought the Z80 emulator and also used Warajevo and the JPP emulator. These days I use Spectaulator and a variety of other emulators. I also use a ZX UNO and a ZX DOS machine for a real hardware feel when I want to get away from emulation.

    I have also written a game using the Mojon Twins MK2 engine - Xelda. Xelda is more of a tribute game than a clone and I spent a year designing it and programming it in my spare time. I am also working on a new game F'N Balls, written in Z88dk and the FASE sprite engine, I am nearing completion of that game and writing blogs on the development.

    As you can see from my post, I am an english speaker and I don't know any other languages, but using google translate helps me understand and to pick up tips.

    Andy Dansby

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    С любовью к вам, Yandex.Direct
    Размещение рекламы на форуме способствует его дальнейшему развитию

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    По умолчанию

    Hello, Andy. Thanks for Xelda. I even translated the game into Russian to make it easier for Raph (streamer) to play it. I think You saw the recording of that stream.
    P.S. My English is very bad too...
    Seamos realistas y hagamos lo imposible!
    Ernesto Che Guevara
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    По умолчанию

    Цитата Сообщение от andydansby Посмотреть сообщение
    I did start using emulators when they were available for DOS machines, I bought the Z80 emulator and also used Warajevo and the JPP emulator.
    Yep man I remember those times well. LOL ) There were only three emulators for DOS in my city: JPP, Warajevo and commercial UKV Spectrum Debugger for Russian clones. And Warajevo was a real 'piece of art' but who cares. It performed fairly accurate emulation of Speccy.
    Anyway nice to hear you here!

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